Welcome to my page, my hope for you is that you are encouraged before you leave. Encouraged to hold on, to be strong, to not give up, to reach for your goal and most importantly to trust God THROUGH IT ALL.

Be encouraged, Stay encouraged, And always encourage yourself

My goal for this page is to push, help, and encourage others along the way. We all go through things, we all have had hard times in our lives and my hope is that through encouraging words you would strive to reach your goal in life as well as know-how to not let your problems or hard times stop you in your track are keep you from reaching your goal. Often times we let our circumstances take control of us instead of us taking control of it. We are not supposed to quit just because times get hard. I know that if I did not trust God in my pain, my hurt, my struggles, and circumstances I would have never reached some of my goals in life. As I share encouraging words and as you read them my prayer is that you trust God and know that your best is ahead of you.

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Not the time to give up

When the wind starts blowing

When the wind starts blowing in your life when the storms come when the heartache seems so in bearable when it seems like everyone is against you. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GIVE UP… This is a very crucial time and how you handle it… will determine your outcome. LET’S BREAK IT DOWN…. You are either going to trust God through it (by letting him get in there with you and guide you through it) or you are going to wallow in it (sink) until you realize He is the only one that can get you through it. I KNOW IT’S HARD… This is what you have to do. Things don’t happen for no reason. There is purpose in your pain. Don’t miss out on what God is trying to show you while you are in what you are going through. By not being able to look past your pain. Psalm 18:2 says: The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my stronghold. BE ENCOURAGED AND KNOW THAT GOD LOVES YOU. Hard times, ruff days, trying times and going through a storm, etc. This is not the end of you and it is not the time for you to give up and throw in the towel. It was not meant to keep you at a stand steel or stuck in one place… it was not meant to stop you from moving forward, if anything it is meant to push you toward your destiny, and it is meant to help you grow in areas you did not know you needed to grow in. You have to be strong and trust God to see you through every step of the way… Because He wants to steer you onto the right path. What you are going through won’t last long. So don’t give up in the midst of everything that is going on around you, don’t give up just because of what it looks like, there is better on the other side of what you are going through. He knows what you are going through, trust Him to see you through.


When you understand

It is so unique to watch something grow, like a butterfly, like a animal, like a person. One thing I would always say to others and my self is that we should always be growing in different arears in our lives. As you look at a butterfly starting from an egg and as you look at a person once as a baby…. You have to understand that all have had to come through a process of growth. Note this that the butterfly could not be elevated until it went through all of the stages it took to become a butterfly. If you pay close attention at no time was the butterfly able to skip any one of those stages to become a butterfly. (it could not come to it’s best potential until the butterfly went through all of the stages). Now the butterfly was able to move forward fly away and live as what it was meant to be and that is a butterfly.. The same goes for me and you, we can not skip the process that one may go through in life to get them to fulfill their purpose in life. So now when you understand that it is just a process that a person may go through before God elevates them. You will understand that there is a blessing at the end of your process. “Get this” you have to go through the process before you can get to the finished product. A butterfly starts off as an egg, then a caterpillar, then (Chrysalis) Papa, then finally a beautiful butterfly… YOU CAN’T SKIP THE PROCESS: Let God take you through your process… God has something greater for you at the end of your process… Trust God… He knows what He is doing He is preparing you for greatness… Keep trusting God. No matter how hard you think it may be.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

But we must take time out to fellowship with God…

Always loved when

 I always loved it when the church fellowship with other churches, it is always very much needed, I can remember every year we join together with different choir’s, praise dancers, and ushers, etc. We would all come together to fellowship.  It’s just fun to meet new people. This is the best way to meet new friends as well as minister to them. Did you know that you should have fellowship with God, it is very important that you do. This is what God wants from you. It is a blessing to get to know him better. When you read your bible it teaches you that Jesus set many example for us, one being that he took time away from what he was doing to spend time with the Father. Just like you like quiet time to read your favorite book. So you should want quiet time with Jesus. Jesus took quiet moments when He went into the mountains to pray. When you become more mature in your relationship with God, the more you want to spend quiet time with Him because you would know that it is important too. Taking time out for our self, to meet friends have fun with each other fellowship with one another is great. But we must take that time out with Jesus to have a relationship with him.

It’s hard sometime

It’s hard sometimes to be around others when they don’t understand you. When people don’t understand you they seem to want to ignore you. You can’t worry about people all you can do is be you. When you find yourself trying to prove yourself to someone…. you need to move around…. Because if someone doesn’t see you for who you are that’s on them. Stop walking around DIMING your light just so you can fit in. There is a saying that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. This goes to say when someone is showing you that they don’t care and that they choose not to respect you, it’s time to make a decision to see if that is the person you need to be around. Psalm 139:14 says I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; You have to know who you are in Christ. And you have to know that you don’t ever have to prove yourself to no one. Let your light shine and be who God called you to be.

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So I hear that one must be crazy

So I hear that one must be crazy for waiting a long time for something. People may say things like if it has not happened yet then it’s not going to happen. Well, I guess I am crazy because I still believe that God can still do it for me. Just like a person that plants seeds in the ground and wait for the harvest to come, they would never have any vegetables if they just gave up because they did not see anything after the first few days. The same with you just because you have waited a long time for something does not mean that harvest time is not coming, does not mean that your prayer is not coming to pass. The song says if you only believe, all things are possible. Faith is the key keep trusting God for it. God can do exceeding abundantly above and beyond what we think. Why don’t you take the limits off of God? You may not see a way but God knows away. We think ordinary God thinks extraordinary. Not giving up and not giving up on God will be one of the best things you do in life. So no it is not crazy for waiting a long time for something, if you know that your prayer is line up with God and he has not told you no then stay the course. Ask God what else you could be doing while you wait. Just know that just because it has not happen yet does not mean it is not going to happen. #beencouraged #stayencouraged #andalwaysencourageyourself

I don’t know where to even start

I don’t know where to even start. But what I do know is that God is good and he is sovereign (Most definitely in control). This is why you have to trust God in your storm. I know sometimes you feel when you are going through that it may be all about you. You may think to yourself, like what have I done to deserve this. Never stopping to think that it’s about God and what he is allowing to help you grow and make you stronger in your faith. I came across this article one day and it said (my troubles are not about me. My troubles are about God. They are sent to teach me things about God. They are sent to teach me things about God I couldn’t learn any other way.) Think about this, now read Psalm 34:19 where it Says “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” It’s not what happens to us that matters, it’s how we respond that makes the difference. Well think about it, I mean really think about it. What I am trying to get across to you is sometimes you go through things because you bring them on yourself and sometimes you go through a storm because it’s what God wants. It’s not all about you, it’s about God. He wants to make your faith stronger and for you to have a closer relationship with Him. Sometimes the only way it can happen is to go through. #Beencouraged #Stayencouraged #Andalwaysencourageyourself